A kitchen with central island


A kitchen with central island


Convivial, the kitchen with central island is a "must" of today's kitchens. Often open on the stay, the kitchen with island seduces for its generous proportions and its functionality. If, as for us, it has also caught your attention, discover in pictures our selection of 15 island kitchens at the top to inspire you.

The kitchen with central island is the heart of the house. We meet with family or friends around this island. More than just a development choice, it's a way of life. Functional, the central island multiplies more than ever the roles: not only is prepared the meal, but it becomes alternately desk, bar for a drink, or additional storage. Located in the center of the kitchen, the central island allows a fluid circulation and invites to a new conviviality. In pictures, here are 15 kitchens with central island as trendy as desirable!

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1. A central island in length for a designer kitchen


Contemporary with a retro touch, the model Urban 29 SE80008 renews the idea of ​​a convivial kitchen. The central islet in length furnishes the room and makes the connection between the dining room and the kitchen. Triple function, this island offers a desk space and storage on one side, which also serves as a table, a cooking part in the center, and a green bar area at the other end. Price on request, Siematic.

2. An island with tablet-bar for a convivial kitchen


Convivial, the Bolero kitchen seduces by its central bi-material island, in white melamine and wood. In addition to its function sink and worktop, the originality of the island: its wooden shelf that hides storage, and serves table and bar. From 1249 euros, Conforama.

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3. A clean, compact Nordic island


The light Modu island is light and compact. In real living room, everything revolves around this island that incorporates a cooking zone, the sink and a preparation area. The charm asset: a clean and harmonious Danish design, with clean lines and light gray doors framed in white. From 6630 euros, Kvik.

4. A central bi-material island


Scandinavian spirit for this kitchen with two-colored central island. The modernity of the island lies precisely in the combination of the two materials, facades shaped in brushed oak and a worktop and cheeks in white lacquered melamine. The other originality of this island is its bar or meal space, elevated in the form of a wooden board slightly offset from the rest of the island, from 2968 euros, Darty.

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5. A white island for a Zen kitchen


Bright because very clear, the cuisine Ambiance douceur is composed of a central island bi-material to separate well its two functions. The first part, treated in white, is reserved for the workspace with nice storage, sink and hobs. The second part, in blond wood, allows you to prepare and settle down for a drink or dinner at height. Luna facades white veined decor, stainless steel handles, worktop in white stone quartz, from 19990 euros, Mobalpa.

6. A rustic central island for traditional cuisine


The kitchen island does not have to be huge, or very long. Here, in the kitchen Chichester, it is discreet, small, and only dedicated to the preparation on a sturdy oak worktop with hidden storage underneath. The decorative touch: doors with a chic rustic look. The whole kitchen from 10000 euros, the island on estimate, Neptune.

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7. A wooden island for a warm kitchen

Arthur Bonnet

Generous, Métisse cuisine invites usability. All in length, this central wooden island allows to work and sit down to several. Original, the worktop is equipped with specific arrangements for hanging and installing kitchen accessories in height. Plus: a flap that allows to enlarge the dining area. Oak veneer and dark gray meteorite decor. Price on request, Thibault Desombre for Arthur Bonnet.

8. A central island for a kitchen all in black


Real bias, black is the characteristic color of this kitchen with central island. A chic and bold option for this easy-to-live Island island that is almost forgotten as the black unifies. Compact, this island is full of storage space and offers a cooking space, sink and worktop. These are the sets of materials that give relief to the whole: a stainless steel worktop and facades in powder-coated steel. Each module is 127 cm deep by 60 cm wide, and the whole can go from 127 to 606 cm in length, depending on the number of units chosen. From 6660 euros, Vipp.

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9. A neo-industrial island for a trendy kitchen


Semi-industrial atmosphere in this Vega kitchen. With its two-tone wood finishes, a dark woody dark for the furniture fronts and a clear wood for the plateau, the central island becomes trendy. Practical with its storage part, the island "table" also invites to settle for lunch or dinner on the board on trestles. The touch more: colorful stools that bring a touch of fantasy. From 3254 euros, Cuisinella.

10. A metal effect central island


Modern, the Anton kitchen plays on the "professional" style with its stainless steel finish, the preferred material of pro kitchens, also easy to maintain and resistant. Located in the center of the room, the central island invites to work or settle down with friends to eat on the run. The plus of this kitchen: the touch of white laminate worktop that softens the facades metallized. From 1649 euros according to composition, Lapeyre.

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11. A central island with open storage

Leroy Merlin

Even in a small kitchen the central island has its place. Here, the gray and white islet is not too big but still allows you to work at ease and store kitchen accessories in the open storage area. The good idea in this kitchen: have placed under the island a tiled effect tiles cement (tile Elliot 15 x 15 cm, 26.95 euro m2). A tip that highlights the island furniture consists of a kitchen furniture blue Delinia Ashford, from 624 euros, a shelf under worktop 60 x 130 cm, 149 euros, two pieces of furniture low of Ashford blue kitchen 65 x 70 cm, two Ashford blue kitchen doors 45 x 70 cm, 60 euros, all Leroy Merlin.

12. A central island showcase as in the countryside

Houses of the world

Welcome to the countryside with Copenhagen central island in recycled wood and blue stone. Practical, it offers storage on the front side with two glass doors, like old-fashioned buffet, and, on the other side, two full doors. Its asset: it is extended by a table space that allows for lunch or dinner on the go. In the day the stools nestle below, 150 x 80 x 85 cm, 1250 euros, Maisons du Monde.

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13. A central island like an office


This kitchen plays the card of contrasts, all in black and white. In the center, an island furniture makes it possible to prepare the meals and also serves as storage. The idea to adopt: the third function of the central island that becomes a booster office out of mealtimes. Metod kitchen cabinet with Ringhult doors and drawers, custom Deje laminate top, 319 euros per meter, Gerton chrome adjustable leg, 39 euros. Price of the kitchen starting from 479 euros according to implantation and modules, Ikea.

14. A long central island


Massive, this central island Bondi is ideal in a large living room with kitchen and living room. In carbon-tinted matt lacquer, the island has 3 parts: a laminate worktop, in the center the cooking part and at the end a storage space. The added bonus: the combination of the matte black design of the island, graphic and sleek, with the line of kitchen furniture more rustic Valais, natural oak veined, which makes this isle chic and trendy. Price on request, Leicht.

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15. A central island to separate a room


Open to the living room, the Kitchen Gossip Taupe is bright. With its long central island, it is a generous and clever coin separator. Equipped with cupboards in quantity, the island is also a useful and friendly work plan. Compact and multifunctional, its many storage spaces also offer a large storage space. From 529 euros, Castorama.