Fall for cement tiles




Want an original floor and full of style? Opt for cement tiles. In total look on the floor, tiled carpet or wall decor, they offer multiple possibilities to add charm to your home. Discover 27 models of cement tiles for home ...

Perfect for the kitchen or the bathroom, cement tiles are trendy and leave room for imagination. Whether you use them in total look, carpet design or mix & match with tiling, they bring style and charm to your home. Find our selection of 27 models of cement tiles to dress up your floor.

Colorful retro cement tiles at Petit Pan

Little Pan

At Petit Pan, the cement tiles take patterns in the old colorful version for a decor atmosphere full of pep. With four colors, the flooring imposes its style and wakes up the room.

Cement tiles, 20x20 cm, thicknesses: 16 mm for the floor, 10 mm for the wall, 12 euros each, Petit Pan.

Old Style Cement Tiles at Original Style

Original Style

The English brand, specializing in tiling and cement tiles, offers a variety of patterns available in many colors. Classically inspired, they offer a vintage decor to your interior.

Cement Tiles, 1: Ottoman, 2: Avignon, 3: Bolero Gray, 4: Pink Era, 5: Blue Vogue, price on request, Original Style.

Color for cement tiles at ZELIJ Workshops

ZELIJ Workshops

Custom-made, these traditional cement tiles offer many combinations of size and color. Graphic patterns or old-fashioned shapes, the choices are endless for a charming interior.

Traditional Collection, made to measure in the colors of your choice, sizes: 20x20 cm & 15x15 cm, rectangles 10 x 20 cm, hexagons and octagons, from 100.80 euros per m2, Ateliers ZELIJ.

Oriental inspiration at Bahya

Hadrien Lanoote

The high-end brand of cement tiles offers a pattern of braces inspired by the Orient. With a palette of 72 shades to change the colors, the combinations are endless.

Dar Kawa cement tiles, modifiable colors in a palette of 72 shades, 20 x 20 cm, 16 mm thick, reduction up to 12 mm, 114 euros per m2, Bahya at Lab-boutique, La Maison Pernoise and at the showroom 16 rue Paul Albert in Paris.

Cement tiles modern version

Beauregard Paris

At Beauregard Paris, cement tiles reinvent themselves in a contemporary version. Graphic and colorful patterns invite you into your home for a trendy decor.

1: Rectangular cement tiles, No. 4, 10 x 20 cm, Beauregard Paris. 2: Cement tiles N ° 6, 20 x 20 cm, Beauregard Paris. 3: cement tiles No. 8, 23 x 20 cm, Beauregard Paris. 4: cement tiles No. 7, 20 x 20 cm, Beauregard Paris. 5: cement tiles No. 3, 20 x 20 cm, Beauregard Paris.

Cement tiles from the South

Mosaïc del Sur

Mosaïc del Sur offers old-fashioned cement tiles. These vintage models bring charm and elegance to the decor.

Cement tiles, standard size 20 x 20 cm, thickness 16 mm, plain 55 euros / m2, 2 colors, 70 euros / m2, 3 colors 74 euros / m2, 4 colors 78 euros / m2 and 5 colors 82 euros / m2, Mosaïc del Sur.

Cement tiles with original patterns at Emery & Cie

Emery & Cie

To revive the interior, choose character patterns from Emery & Cie. Inspired by nature, graphics or children, cement tiles dress your floor.

Cement tiles, 20 x 20 cm, plain, 94 euros per m2, Emery & Cie. Cement tiles, two colors, 121 euros per m2, or 138 euros per m2 for three colors, Emery & Cie.