Sophie Ferjani in D & Co: Transformed essay?

Sophie Ferjani at the head of D & Co

Pierre Olivier / M6

The decorator Sophie Ferjani replaces Valérie Damidot at the helm of D & Co. If the afficionados of banter and pats in the back protested strongly on the social networks, the fans of decoration and Côté House were rather pleased of this transfer. Difficult to note a show incarnated by a tornado, but the bet seems successful for now and Sophie could seduce another audience, more aware.

Sophie Ferjani, you know her, she started her classes with Stéphane Plaza in House for Sale. She applied the principles of home staging homes homesick buyers, also accomplice of Cendrine Dominguez in Teva Deco, Sophie remains faithful to the group M6. The show D & Co until then incarnated by Valérie Damidot, part precipitately on NRJ12, had to find a new facilitator at short notice. Sophie imposed herself naturally.

The D & Co show: an unchanged concept

No radical transformation, we take the same recipes: a family in lack of financial means, who "lost all hope" sic, 7 days to achieve a feat and finally rejoice with them this new home. Youppie!

So here we are left for 6 episodes at Carole and François. Yes, because the show was losing market share last season, it had been reworked. The renovation is like a soap opera. This allows for the loyalty of viewers whose sole purpose is the before / after. This magic recipe of the decor on TV. See where we left and see where we can arrive. This gives hope to all the interiors neglected by the force of things. Each episode ends with a presentation of the advance, which holds the public in suspense.

Sophie Ferjani found her marks

The new host of the show has understood the critics of the previous version. She announces designing the interiors so that they last for years. Yes, because bikes in a bathroom, it's funny for the image, but to live in everyday life I have a doubt. Sophie remains natural, she understood that it was not necessary to change the personality, nor to singer another to seduce a public who asks only to discover it. And it works ! She brings her pro look, and it feels good. It will be less fun for 4-year-olds, but it may please handyman mums.

What do we learn in the D & Co show?

Brico side, we painted bamboo bomb for the vegetable patch, we made a piece of furniture with crates, we patinated an old buffet, customize a shade with cork ... DIY fun for a rainy Sunday. In terms of materials, we learn that we can find facing studs, that the tiles come with a thin joint to keep the appearance irregular and that the fir is a soft wood, it responds well to sandblasting.

Why do we have to watch the show D & Co presented by Sophie Ferjani?

For the sweetness of Sophie. She does not show, no, she makes the decor in a good mood and a Saturday at the end of the day, it's relaxing.

Only downside: it will not take away the spirit that remake a house in 7 days, it is not technically possible. In view of the close-ups on the humidity that has completely plagued the semi-buried walls, sanitation that was not up to standard and many plumbing problems, load-bearing walls to open ... 7 days, That's it powder in the eyes ! Unless you take yourself for God.

Sophie announced in interview 10 days of shooting, counting the days when she is not there, it is far from the 7 days of work. Why continue to lie to viewers? To dream?

Come on, Sophie, you're better than that. Your natural tone, tone and didactic advice do not need this deception to gain market share.

See you on Saturday 18h40 on M6