Ideas for a messy bathroom


Ideas for a messy bathroom

Nancy Geernaert

Rikiki, cramped, in length, biased, full of nooks ... Building a bad bathroom can quickly turn into a nightmare. No way for House to let you go insomniac! Here's all full of ideas to help you design the bathroom of your dreams despite its constraints.

Some games colors, from materials, lines are enough to redraw, straighten and erase the imperfections of a space. The proof with these few examples from the achievements of pro of the decor present on Côté Maison Projets. Painting, custom furniture, malignant shower cubicle ... In these bathrooms and bathrooms with convoluted formsArchitects, interior designers and interior designers have redoubled their creativity. As a result, these previously unenviable pieces are more desirable today than others. Get inspired by these renovations and give your bathroom a little "remodeling".

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A bathroom at the end of the bed under the eaves

Pascal Simonin for Atelier d'Ar (t) chitecture

The architect DPLG Aurélie Nicolas has totally revised and corrected this apartment lyonnais. In his hands, this habitat has gained in volume and space. Under the eaves, she managed to accommodate a master suite, mean there room and bathroom, with a bath necessarily. The opposition of materials divides the place: clear and natural the sleeping area is soothing, darker, the toilet area becomes intimate.

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Custom furniture for a bathroom in the hair

Modal Architecture

How to make a bathroom bad, functional? Thanks to custom storage and any height! Here they are one of the solutions brought by the architects of the agency Modal Architecture.

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Design a bathroom no wider than a small closet

Anthony Delanoix for Charlotte Féquet

2 mm2 less and we do not guarantee the feasibility of the project ... In a space the size of a closet, the interior architect Charlotte Féquet has arranged a small bathroom very practical: with a side a suspended washbasin, opposite a shower and in the center a heated towel rail. All in white, the room visible behind the glass door does not stain and suggests an impression of grandeur.

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Anthony Delanoix

Color and graphics straighten a complex-shaped bathroom

Benoit Alazard for Sophie Lallias

In Clermont-Ferrand, Sophie Lallias was responsible for completely renovate this bathroom. Made of nooks and crannies, space has given the architect a hard time. However, the expert has come to the end! His mastery of colors (blue / wood / white) and shapes (triangles, diamonds) allowed him to visually structure these 10 m2.

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Make the shower disappear in the bathroom

Shoootin for Decorexpat

To maximize this small bathroom with toilet and washing machine, the interior designer Decorexpat preferred a corner shower. This not only offers users a comfortable space for the toilet but facilitates the circulation in the room. Added advantage: its transparent walls make it almost invisible.

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Focus on brightness to enlarge a bathroom

Antoine Huot for Diane Lafleche

To better develop this bathroom to the complicated shape, Diane Lafleche, agency Decorexpat, has left nothing aside. Also, the wall became a library, one of the angles hosts a walk-in shower, in addition to the bath. The play of colors and the mirrors accentuate the natural and artificial luminosity to enlarge the room.

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Gain height to gain space

Nancy Geernaert

The layout of this bathroom was not for Nancy Geernaert easy, easy. To make it pleasant, the interior designer had to enlarge it. Slightly elevated, the shower has found its place. On the ground, the cement tile structures the space.

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Highlight a bathroom under the roofs

maema architects

Designing a bathroom in the attic is not easy, so when it comes to a parental suite ... To counter a possible weakness in brightness, the pro agency maema architects have placed the room baths at the front of the room, under the window and equipped with the beam of sconces. At the back and height, the sleeping area that does not require such lighting, is more intimate.

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A bathroom made to measure

Florence Rosnil

The bespoke, that is what allowed the architect and interior designer Florence Rosnil to arrange this bathroom brilliantly. The furniture optimizes the space at the same time as it is stylized. Sideways, the freestanding bathtub adds some mineral notes.

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A bathroom to share well thought

My Home design

Creating a bathroom for a couple is one thing but for children, it's another matter ... Everyone wants a corner of their own. The My Home Design agency took up the challenge! With this bathroom typed workshop, perfectly shared, she puts everyone in agreement. With this shower performed along the entire length of the wall, everyone enjoys a space of their own.

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A small bathroom but lookée

Delphine Queme

No door in this bathroom! No, Pierre Petit of the architecture studio daaa preferred claustra. A nice way to let appear the porcelain stoneware floor in retro style and to contrast with the floor while recalling the wooden beams present in the apartment.

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An ultra optimized bathroom in the attic

Hugues Hebrard for Prisca Pellerin

In terms of area, an apartment in the attic is often a real bargain. Here for 24 m2 Carrez law, the owners enjoy a floor area of ​​60 m2. On the other hand, the layout is always more delicate. In this bathroom, the architect Prisca Pellerin installed in "face to face" a draper's table with basin and a bathtub. A storage space and a corner of greenery were arranged. The glass-like door opens the bathroom to the rest of the apartment and promotes the diffusion of light. According to the pro, the room is transformed in the evening into "light box".

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