10 insulated bags to keep foods fresh!


10 insulated bags to keep foods fresh!

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It's time for picnics with family and friends! And who says picnic, says indispensable cooler bag to keep as long as possible drinks and fresh food. Here is a selection of 10 cool bags so fresh for fight against heat and enjoy the flavor of outdoor dining.

Although they are usually not very sexy, the cooler bags make us soft eyes during the summer. With their layers of insulating walls, they offer us the assurance of picnics with family and friends always at a good temperature!

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1. An Ikea cooler bag

SOMMAR 2018 insulated bag, made of 100% polyethylene fabric, foam polyethylene lining, EVA plastic interior fabric, 100% polyester white canvas, dimensions: width: 19 cm, depth: 26 cm, height: 19 cm, 12 euros, Ikea.


Stylish, this Ikea cooler bag is perfect for romantic picnics!

2. A Reisenthel cooler bag

Insulated bag "Carrybag iso red", in high quality polyester, water repellent, 48 x 29 x 28 cm, 69,95 euros, Reisenthel.


A freshness of summer, this insulated bag will be essential, both for picnics and for races with its generous capacity.

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3. A Casabento insulated bag

Mini Casabento insulated bag. Dimensions: 12 × 9.5 × 20 cm. Available in several colors. 11.99 euros.


Smart, this hermetic bag does not require any ice cubes to keep food cool. Bend it and put it in the freezer for 12 hours ... and it will be ready to go on a ride!

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4. An insulated Gifi bag

Multicolored insulated bag for bottle, size Ø9x26,5 cm, polyester, 5 euros.


Perfect complement of the insulated bag, the bottle bag keeps the drink cool!

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5. An insulated bag Nature & Découvertes

Thermo-Flect® insulated bag, 600 denier polyester, contains: 4 plates and 4 plastic cups, 4 forks, 4 knives and 4 spoons, 4 cotton napkins and 1 corkscrew, 59.95 euros.

Nature & Discoveries

The most complete isothermal bag, with a compartment for food, a side pocket for the bottle and a pocket on the front that contains all the necessary picnic.

6. A halfar insulated bag

Insulated polyester bag "Frosty". Dimensions: 31/37 x 35 x 13 cm. From 22.90 euros at GOSport.


With its matte look, this bag can be used as a city bag by detaching the insulated lining!

7. A Teo Jasmin insulated bag

Insulated bag for tasting in polyester, 100% polyester, zip closure, 19,5x26x9,5cm, 19,90 euros.

Teo Jasmin

This small insulated bag "Teo foot" will spice up the afternoons of your children and put them back in shape!

8. An insulated bag Lacasserolerie.com

4.9 L KitchenCraft Lulworth Insulated Lunch Box Bag, 20 x 14 x 20 cm, 16.50 euros.


Cool look, seaside spirit, for this insulated bag. It keeps the food for 5 hours with cold breads.

9. An insulated Camping Gas bag

Cool bag "Urban Bacpac Coolbag 30L", with several front and side pockets, 34.95 euros.

Camping Gas

With its padded straps, this insulated backpack makes it easy to carry picnics.

10. An Isothermal Bag Essentia

Thermo 5 L insulated bag, purple color, 26x15x26cm, 31,95 euros.


Its quilted outer appearance makes it its main feature!