Create an urban micro-garden



The planters are proof that living in the city does not deprive us of having a small personalized garden! To be installed on the balcony or on the terrace, these containers welcome all our plantations.

Want to go green even in urban areas? For this, the terraces and balconies welcome beautiful original planters. But which one to choose?

1. A small garden with wheels


Kitchen garden in galvanized steel, W 75 x W 35 x H 80 cm. 124 euros, Herstera Garden at Truffaut.

2. A special balcony planter


This canvas planter hangs on the balustrade. Inside, a combination of felts protects the roots, limits evaporation and distributes the water. Available in 2 and 4 pockets. 74 euros, Bacsac.

3. A garden square to divide

Leroy Merlin

Kitchen garden square in "Nikola" pine, 120 x 120 cm. 79.90 euros, Leroy Merlin.

4. Tall pots


The shape of plastic pots "Yso", made in France, is adapted to the dwarf fruit trees. They also exist in anthracite gray and pistachio green. 47.95 euros in H 57 cm and 57.95 euros in H 70 cm, Eda at Botanic.

5. Kitchen garden in espalier


Potager in pine "Nikole", L 100 x W 75 x H 40 cm. 34.90 euros, Castorama.

6. Modular bins

Burger Jardipolys

Set of bins of different heights to combine to create your own vegetable garden. "Be B.Y.O", in heat-treated beech (more resistant). From 64 euros in 43 x 43 x H 45 cm, Burger Jardipolys.

7. A nomad garden

Thank you

Thyme, rosemary, savory, laurel and campanula make up this "take away garden" presented in a wooden planter. From 70 euros, The Bad Seeds at Merci.

8. A mini water garden


This fabric basin, to put on the balcony or terrace, is home to all kinds of aquatic plants (Japanese horsetail, marsh populace, lettuce and water hyacinth ...). Beforehand, we deposit the gravel at the bottom and pour into the water a conditioner (against the proliferation of algae), Ø 50 cm, exists in 5 colors. 43,90 euros, Velda at Jardiland.

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