Gourmet addresses in Milan


Gourmet addresses in Milan, like this restaurant A posto in Milano

Matteo Carassale

The Milan Furniture Fair 2015 and Expo Milano 2015 are on everyone's lips. Already a showcase of design, the beautiful Italian city is also one of taste with its trendy or more traditional restaurants. Selection of 10 deco culinary and design addresses in Milan that will delight your eyes ... and taste buds.

In 2015, it is in Milan that all amateurs and design professionals meet. From the 2015 Milan Furniture Fair, where we discover the latest in design at Expo Milano 2015, where we are invited to discover the "sustainable" way of life ... the whole world meets in the heart of the Lombard capital! But before starting our journey around the planet design, we went running the restaurants of Milan, where the heart beats the Italian cuisine.

Ceresio 7: delights at the top in this restaurant in Milan

Here, everything is surprising, the reception on the ground floor of a building almost austere and the as mysterious ascent to a gastronomic paradise. The arrival is up. Unobstructed view of the city, spectacular! The hall splits the building from side to side, punctuated by alcoves.

On the left, an endless bar, a pool and lounge area, on the right, the replica as if we had folded the plan in two. All underlined with brass, the cultivated and recognized leg of Dimore Studio, serving a gastronomic experience. The double-star magician chef Elio Sironi has the gift of taking the client to the seventh heaven!

Via Ceresio 7. Tel. 00 39 02 3103 9221.

Restaurant Ceresio 7. Milan.

Matteo Carassale

Pisacco: a stylish canteen in Milan

Take a gourmet architect Tiziano Vudafieri, cream of chefs Andrea Berton, restaurateur-manger Giovanni Fiorin and sommelier-lawyer Diego Rigatti, some friends, you mix everything intimately and you have the recipe trend of the moment: a restaurant- healthy, reasonable and deliciously arty bar. At the table d'hôtes or under the vaults of the basement, the expression Food different that the quartet claims makes sense. Milanese love it!

Via Solferino 48.Tel. 00 39 02 9176 5472.

Pisacco Restaurant. Milan.

Matteo Carassale

Langosteria 10: the Milanese restaurant that gives fishing!

Relaxed version of the Via Savona Langosteria 10, known for serving the best Milanese fish cooked here by chef Denis Pedron. Return of ecoresponsible fishing, on the stall, the freshness and the noble approach of the raw material are obvious.

Seafood platters, ricciola tartare, tuna carpaccio, French salted butter crostini ... The wine list is not just for consultation. The excellence of the menu is consumed in the context of this chic bistro craft or gets carried away.

Bistrot & Bottega, via privata Bobbio 2, Cogni Zugna.Tel. 00 39 02 5810 7802.

A posto in Milano: a farm in town, in the heart of Milan

Locally delicious or deliciously local, the concept is above all generous. Atmosphere of schoolyard, canteen atmosphere, daily menu, morning market, this outpost of the Lombardy countryside at the gates of Milan daily distilled a beneficial freshness. Between restaurant, cultural center, market, cafe, inn, cooking school, his credo holds in one word: live.

In Milan, eating well is an art, an urgency and a style. In this plural place, chef Nicola Cavallaro and his brigade concoct messages of pleasure with healthy and freshly picked local products. Meetings, human adventures committed around a community of greedy spirit, respectful of the environment.

Via Cuccagna 2 & via Muratori.Tel. 00 39 02 545 7785.

Restaurant A posto in Milano. Milan.

Matteo Carassale

Mangiari di strada: a tasteful restaurant in Milan

Literally street food, it only has the name because on the street, a little far from downtown, here no mobile home. Rather a big hangar with terrace and garden under veils, mid-counter half-loft of architect in recycled materials.

In the oven and at the mill, Moira Navoni and Giuseppe Zen, the brilliant founder who wanted to make a Sardinian stopover as good as those of yesteryear. We arrive there, only from 12 noon to 3 pm and not on Sundays, we order the pane e panelle, the socca, better than in Palermo, the polpette of sua nonna light and crispy, a lampredotto, tripe sandwich, deliciously Unexpected, breaded mozzarella ... Nothing but products of the moment displayed on the board. We take, we sit, if we sing.

Cornet of paper or plate, each bite is a divine surprise, for almost nothing! Also try its brand new Macelleria Popolare, piazza XXIV Maggio, under the covered market.

Via Lorenteggio 269.Tel. 00 39 02 415 0556.

Ristorante Berton: an haute couture address in Milan

The starry philosopher of the most transparent cuisine possible, Andrea Berton was looking for a place that did not exist.

He invented it at the foot of the skyscrapers with the team Vudafieri who concocted a place very designed, in the manner of a classic of the 50s and 60s, with a tribute to Gio Ponti elegance and precision, to sublimate a modern, stimulating, as natural as possible Italian cuisine.

Each new dish, made from the best products from anywhere, is the result of a demanding laboratory work that installs, more often than not, the chef in the room instead of the customer. The experience is worth the detour.

Via della Liberazione 13.Tel. 00 39 02 6707 5801.

Parma & Co: an address to taste good pig in Milan!

Delicatessen with cooking, as we say in Italy where it is more and more likely to find some tables to the nearest good products.

Satisfy a little hunger, sit as an aperitif or even for a small dinner around a plate of black pork ham, culatello, cooked shoulder, mortadella, parmesan of competition milk served in tasting with the gnocco fritto caldo.

Selected, stamped, award-winning, everything comes from Parma and its region. Always on the slate, pasta also deserves your attention.

Via Delio Tessa 2, corso angle Garibaldi.Tel. 00 39 02 8909 6720.

Dry: for a vintage aperitif in Milan

The same winning formula as Pisacco almost opposite, reworked in 4 hours, opened in extremis just before the Salon du meuble 2014, in the manner of a speakeasy of the time of prohibition in the United States.

The windows covered with newspaper, the word of mouth and the social networks made the buzz for these cocktails agitated in original rules or revisited: vintage Unforgotten, French 75, gin, lemon, sugar and field 'crude treated with the perfection, served in glasses of recovery. The pizzas are to die for!

Via Solferino 33.Tel. 00 39 02 6379 3414.

Eataly: Milan, a city so Food!

We can say and hear everything about the megastore created by Oscar Farinetti, it's still there, in the heart of Porta Nuova, in the old theater Smeraldo, we find on several levels gathered the best products of the trend Slow Food.

Filling your bag with organic and organic products from all over Italy is just exhilarating! On all floors, small restaurants and casual counters invite you to taste. At the top, Alice's gastronomic restaurant offers a magnificent panorama of the neighborhood.

Piazza XXV Aprile 10.Tel. 00 39 02 49 49 7301.

Pavè: an exquisite pastry shop in Milan

Do not be fooled by the recessed decor of the cookie cutter, pushing Pavè's door is a real promise of sweetness. The still warm cream croissant that accompanies the cappuccino is absolutely divine.

In their glass laboratory Diego, Giovanni and Luca make cupcakes worthy of the best pastry chefs. At any time of day and especially at tea time we stop for the delicious atmosphere around authentic products transformed with heart and passion. And it is not uncommon to meet Cesare Battisti, the chief ambassador for Expo 2015, that's saying!

Via Carlo Felice Casati 27.Tel. 00 39 02 94 39 22 59.