Lock out the end-of-work reception visit



Once the work is completed, you will be invited to an end-of-construction reception visit. An important step that serves the guarantees attached to the construction ...

During this end-of-construction inspection visit, you will have to check three essential points:

1. Check that the site is well finished.
You will find that the work is indeed completely finished: the shutters are installed, the appliances are connected.

2. Verify that the work is as agreed.
You may detect any errors: the carpet has been placed in the rooms, but also in the living room, where it was planned parquet flooring for example, or a reversal in the color assigned to children's rooms.

3. Check that the job has been correctly executed.
You will check that there are no visible defects: the paint does not blister, the tiles are properly laid, the tap is waterproof, the electrical connections do not blow the breaker.

What are the effects of this visit?

The receipt of the work has the effect of:
- Transfer the responsibility of the construction site of the contractors to you, the owner. It is thus your insurance which will have to take charge of the construction site from this date, if a fire breaks out for example. Do not forget to declare the book to your home multi-risk insurance.
- Mark the date of departure of the guarantees you receive: perfect completion, equipment warranty, ten-year guarantee.
- Close the accounts. You will have to pay the rest of the construction price agreed with the contractor if you accept the work.
- Make you the owner of the work, and the entrepreneur will have the obligation to give you the keys.

How is the visit organized?

The contractor will inform you orally or in writing of the day of the inspection as soon as the site is finished. This is a contradictory visit. The manufacturer accompanies you. If several trades have intervened, a visit with each craftsman can be organized. You must be there, or be represented by a representative (architect). A visit that would be made in your absence would have no value.

Can we be accompanied by a specialist?

If you are not sure of your skills, it is best to have a man of the art accompany you, who will be able to detect defects. But this freedom is not necessarily granted to you, everything depends on the contract you have signed.

With a construction contract: it is always possible by law.
With a business contract: this faculty must have been provided for in the contract.

Good to know : if you have signed a construction contract, you have eight days to pay the balance of the price if you are alone at the reception visit. During this period, you retain the right to report defects to the manufacturer. One suggestion: do not have a professional assist you, keep the balance of the price, and nothing prevents you during these eight days to have the house examined by a man of the art (architect, building technician) who will attract your attention to the poor workmanship.

The case of the purchase on plan

During a purchase on plan, you do not make a visit of reception of the works, but a visit of inventory of fixtures. It is the developer who receives the book from the contractors but you do not attend. However, you are not forbidden to ask the promoter to copy the minutes of this reception. You will be alone with the promoter during this inventory visit. But you have another month to report any defects, period during which you can have the premises inspected by someone skilled in the art.

During this inventory, you will report:

- The lack of conformity. These are the mistakes made between what was provided for in the contract and what was actually done: shower in place of the bathtub, surface error, washing machine in the kitchen instead of the laundry, a door s' opens in the wrong direction, it lacks power outlets, the windows are too small ...

- Obvious defects. This concerns the poor workmanship that you can see: poorly laid tiles, peeling bathtub enamel, door getting stuck, etc.

Do not neglect the common areas: visit the cellar, park your car in the parking space reserved for you, it is sometimes impossible to maneuver.

How is the visit going?

When you receive the work, you examine the work in the presence of the contractor and inform him of any visible defects that you notice. This visit is recorded in a report signed by both parties.

Get ready for the day J. Gather all documents: plans, contract, job descriptions, letters exchanged with the contractor during the construction site. Have an electric lamp and do not forget your meter. The visit must take place in broad daylight and all connections must be operational. Do not forget to do the necessary to be connected on time in water, gas, electricity, telephone.

Be careful. Maneuver the doors, the windows, not to mention the shutters. Test faucets, sanitary facilities, drain, track leaks and faulty joints. Run the heater, examine the radiators and the boiler. Test switches, outlets, including phone jacks or TV antenna jacks. Feel free to scan the dark corners under the sink and check the dimensions of the rooms and openings.

Do not try to transform yourself into an expert on buildings. Note the apparent defects, easily identifiable, that the contractor can repair, under the guarantee of the perfect completion that is due to you. If you notice faults for which you do not know the origin (humidity or significant cracks, insulation problem), do not report them when receiving. These malfunctions covered by the ten-year guarantee may not be taken into account by the insurance if you designate them as a defect of perfect completion. You can always declare them later under the ten-year guarantee covered by the property damage insurance.

Sign the minutes. Defects that you have reported are recorded in the acceptance report. It is signed at the end of the visit by both parties, the contractor and you.

What are the consequences of receiving?

Depending on the outcome of the visit, two options are possible:

1. Everything is perfect, you have nothing to reproach. You accept the work and you pay the balance of the price you have to pay, usually 5% of the total amount. For a business contract, payment is made without delay. With a construction contract, you have eight days to make your payment if you have not been accompanied by an architect, for example, to make the visit. The reception is over and you can have your accommodation.

2. You notice imperfections, forgetfulness or errors. Note precisely these defects in the minutes: the contractor must put things in order regardless of the importance of the work. Agree with him the time of intervention. When you issue such reserves, you have the option to withhold the balance of the price, if the contract permits. With a construction contract, the law requires it. For a business contract, you can do it only if you specify it in advance. But do not expect to keep this money in your purse. The sum will be entrusted to a financial institution or a professional, such as a notary for example, in agreement with the contractor.

To note : Even when you have made reservations and retained the balance of the price that remains to pay, the contractor can not refuse that you live in your home, provided that the problems encountered do not make it unbearable and that your presence does not preclude not to carry out repairs. The contractor is required to give you the keys.

And if some faults have escaped you ...

Do not worry, the contractor owes you a guarantee of perfect completion for one year. If defects have escaped you during the reception visit and you realize it after the fact, let him know by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt as soon as you notice the problem. Moreover, from the date of the reception visit, you benefit for two years from the equipment warranty and for ten years the ten-year guarantee covered by the damage insurance.