Convertible sofa: fold, unfold!


Convertible sofa: fold, unfold!


Practical in studios and small apartments, the convertible sofa is also the happiness of all those who, failing to have the room, want a bed to accommodate the friends of passage. Small selection of new convertible sofas, sofa or bench version.

In a "snap" of fingers, the sofa (bench) turns into a bed. So inevitably, this two-in-one seduces those who seek to gain space. Arranged in the living room of 25 m2, on a small mezzanine or in an office, the convertible sofa combines comfort and style : right or angle, 3, 2 or 1 place, fabric or leather, contemporary lines, retro ... The sofa converts to the desires, needs and purses of each!

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Madison BoConcept sofa bed

Madison sofa bed, Lux Felt blue fabric and aluminum base, L 210 x D 107/210 x H 82 cm - price 3,039 euros, BoConcept


This sofa BoConcept swept quickly makes well received ideas and aging on the convertible that could survive. Its generous curves, the headrest are an invitation to idleness. Its more: the color certainly! This sofa turquoise bed energizes the contemporary atmosphere, a little wise.

Garos H & H convertible sofa

Garos convertible sofa, fully customizable, P211cm x H88 cm x L221 cm, fabric - from 1509,50 euros, H & H

H & H

The furniture manufacturer H & H tries the sofa bed with this model. Like all sofas of the sign, it remains customizable. Its more : its robustness.

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Kymoon Sofa Kavehome

Kymoon convertible sofa in mustard yellow fabric, 202 x 95/220 x 92, polyurethane upholstery - price: 1029 euros, Kavehome


Kymoon displays its generosity (XL cushions) without going overboard (XS armrests). In mustard yellow, this convertible sofa breathes a merry retro air, ideal for waking sober, classic and natural decorations. Its more: the two-ply opening system.

Modular convertible sofa Vallentuna Ikea

Modular convertible sofa Vallentuna, 3-seater + sleeping, color Orrsta light gray, Funnarp black / beige - price 870 euros valid according to options, Ikea


Vallentuna modular convertible sofa, 3 seater, light gray Orrsta color, Funnarp black / beige - price 870 euros valid depending on options, Ikea


You do not want anything like everyone? The convertible sofa Vallentuna is for you. Choose your combination: with or without armrest, 2, 3, 4 seats, colors, prints ... This sofa is fully customizable and adapts perfectly to small spaces. Its more: its modularity, of course!

Odna Convertible Sofa La Redoute Interiors

Odna convertible sofa - price: 1479 euros, La Redoute Interiors

The Redout Interiors

Odna convertible sofa or when simplicity rhymes with elegance and comfort. Its more the treatment of finishes in the manner of pillows. Day and night, it will be difficult to leave this sofa.

Convertible leather sofa Elysée Camif

Elysée red grained leather convertible sofa, equipped with espresso system. Available in 3 sizes and in several colors, price: 1635 euros, including 5,50 euros of eco-tax, Camif.


Display your passion for deco with this red grained leather sofa. With such a room in the living room, prefer furniture with clean lines. Here, the metal lowers the temperature just right. Its more: the espresso system that opens and closes the bed in one click.

Sodezign convertible armchair

Convertible armchair 1 person. Swivel armchair 360 degrees (removable screw actuating the swivel function) customizable - price: from 349 euros, Sodezign


These chairs are transformed into a bench, perfect for a nap or a night unexpectedly but especially for small areas. Their more: their deliciously Scandinavian look.

Convertible sofa Neo chiquito Am.Pm

Convertible sofa Neo chiquito, 3 or 4 places, linen crumpled canvas or cotton.French manufacture - price: from 1990 euros, AM.PM.


Corner, this heady convertible sofa calls for conviviality, tea-time and cocktails with friends. Its more: the linen coating, very suitable in this natural environment, vegetated.

Contemporary convertible Eiffel convertible sofa

Eiffel sofa in fabric, exists in leather and in 3 different sleeping sizes, price on request. Convertible Contemporary.

Contemporary Convertible

This turquoise sofa with retro chic accents sets the tone for the decor. We love his marriage of blue with warm hues, printed relief. Its more: the compass style feet thanks to which it gains in lightness.

Bari Made.com Right Corner Sofa

Bari corner sofa bed with storage compartment, fabric 62% polyester 38% cotton, H 48 x W 83 x D 56 cm - price: 1499 euros, Made.com


Sober, the corner sofa Bari is not less elegant. Its bouncy shapes suggest its softness. Its more: the details (topstitching, base) that underline its character.

Himmene Ikea sofa

3 seater convertible sofa, Himmene, beige Lofallet, 200 x 91 x 44 cm - 349 euros, Ikea


Spacious, the Himmene sofa is still discreet. Dressed in beige fabric, it easily acclimates in the classic world, shabby and chic country. Its more: its price going down ...

Galante Sofa Convertible Leather Contemporary

Galante leather sofa, exists in fabric and in 3 different sleeping sizes, price on request. Convertible Contemporary

Contemporary Convertible

In this contemporary living room, this leather sofa bed distills some vintage notes, making the atmosphere more cozy. Its more: the choice of size and fabric.