The Italian shower: our advice!




Our internet users and readers are asking a lot of questions about the walk-in shower. Is the real one on the ground? Can the tiles be identical to the floor and the walls? Let's seize the opportunity to take stock.

When faced with a walk-in shower in the bathroom, the only elements that suggest that it is a shower are the knob and the drain integrated into the floor. The walls can be made of totally translucent glass or tiled.

Advantages shower readalien

- The walk-in shower is easy to access: on one level with a non-slip coating, it is suitable for people with reduced mobility and you can integrate a suitable seat or a small bench for comfort.

- It can take the dimensions that you want even in a small space.

To know before launching ...

- The floor must be raised to fit the siphon and drain pipe.

- The section of the pipes must be sufficient for a fast flow (minimum 50mm)

- The slope of the pipes must be at least 1 to 2%

- The slab must be perfectly waterproof (casing between the screed and the walls of the shower)

This is why a pose to the Italian does not improvise and confides to a professional.

The alternative to the walk-in shower

If technically, the installation of a walk-in shower is not possible, you can opt for a low-profile receiver that has a small budget.If the receiver is recessed to accentuate the impression of flat ground, it assumes also an elevation of the soil.

The tip of the profor my bathroom

Opt for a receiver ready to tile. It settles on the existing screed. Then the waterproofing is worked by casing between the wall and the screed with a special adhesive mortar. The tiles are laid to follow. Without this step, you risk infiltrations!

Subway ultra-flat shower tray at Villeroy et Boch

Villeroy and Boch

The decorator's trick

Choose the same tile for the floor and walls. Like Briare enamels for the refined side or very large tiles.

What budget for a walk-in shower?

To include in a complete renovation and estimate of professional because it can not be improvised!

And you ? Will you succumb to temptation?